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Strict Health and Safety Standards and Takeaway Options at Giulios Café

18 March 2020

My team and I will be taking additional measures to ensure the strictest health and safety standards are adhered to during this national crises time to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Disposal gloves are worn by all staff members, the tables, menus, trays, cutlery and crockery are adequately and consistently cleaned and sanitized. The staff are washing their hands every hour on the hour and then some in between.

We ask that all clients head straight to our bathrooms to wash and sanitize upon entering the cafe before they sit down and if you have been in the vicinity of anyone or area that may cause concern please rather order take-aways through MrDFood instead.

We are working on all home meals for clients to collect and freeze and cook at home as well, so please email me or call the cafe to place orders.

Your loyal support will mean the world to my staff and I during this difficult time and we are here to work together with you to get through this horrible time as one family.

Much love to you all and stay safe everyone.

Giulio Loreggian