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27 February 2020

The ‘Grand Wines Collection’ (GWC), a wine selection that highlights South Africa’s best selection of consistently top scoring wines, has just been released by SAWi. The GWC represents a class of wines never before identified as a group.

This milestone was declared following the application of a wine classification methodology that took 10 years to complete. It came through applying a unique ‘Algorithm of Excellence’, by which the results of blind tasting competitions were continuously collated through exacting criteria, i.e. scoring wines according to strict competition status criteria.

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The result opens a condensed window of a wine’s achievements at multi-national blind tastings over multi-vintages. Only wines with a score of 93+ out of 100 were then included
in the ‘Collection’.

The group also boasts wines referred to as ‘SAWi Ambassadors’ that have shown tenaciousness and sustained vigour in achieving scores of 95 points and above.

The GWC currently includes just over 400 South African wines or 5.3% of all bottled wines featuring tasting results, representing 140 wineries. Updates will be on-going within a 10 year roll-over system.

This announcement is a significant milestone for the local wine industry, The GWC offers an objective response to the elusive concept ‘how to identify an excellent wine’, and provides an opportunity for wine lovers to become stakeholders in the GWC by acquiring fine wines for collection and enjoyment.

GWC wines can be identified through the SA Wine Index’s Grand Gold (93-94 points) and Platinum (95+ points) bottle stickers.

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