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New Vegan and Vegetarian Tasting Menu at Homespun by Matt

24 February 2020

We recently launched a new Vegan and Vegetarian Tasting menu for all our veggie and plant-based foodies.  

On the menu:

TASTING MENU - R470 - This menu is for the enjoyment of the entire table
PAIRING - 1/2 Glasses - 230ml or Full Glasses - 375ml - Our pairing includes an aperitif

A m u s e  B o u c h e

P a n i s s e  chickpea  turnip  char sui  coconut  bean curd (vegan)
Paired with Glenelly Syrah

B r o c o l i  green curry  cumin  miso  caramel  (vegan)
Paired with  Rustenberg Cabernet Sauvignon
C a p r e s e  goat cheese  balsamic vinegar  tomato  beetroot  buttermilk & basil (vegetarian)
Paired with La Bri Chardonnay or Lanzerac Pinotage
C h a r r e d  A u b e r g i n e  coconut  tomato  avocado  walnut  (vegan)
Paired with Rustenberg Cabernet Sauvignon

M o l e c u l a r  D e l i g h t  

W i l d  M u s h r o o m  A r a n c i n i  parmesan  truffle zest  dijon  garlic  mushroom  (vegetarian)
Paired with Rietvallei Dark Cin Cinsaut
T h e  C a u l i  cauliflower  wasabi  ponzu  zatar  chakalaka  capers  (vegan)
Paired with Springfield Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc or Lanzerac Pinotage
T r u f f l e d  R a g o û t  mushrooms  sweet potato  water chestnuts  avocado  (vegan)
Paired with Rietvallei Dark Cin Cinsaut

B r e a k f a s t  coconut  coffee  puffed rice  strawberry  passion fruit  (vegan)
Paired with De Krans Espresso
C h o c o l a t e  T o r t e   banana  black cherry  vanilla  walnut  (vegetarian)
Paired with African Ruby Rooibos Vermouth

Homespun by Matt

Homespun by Matt

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Homespun was intentionally designed to take you away from the stress of the outside world. We offer a unique adaptation of European cooking methods, influenced by Asian, local and worldly flavours....