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Homespun by Matt distilling their own gin!

29 February 2020

Homespun means homemade, unpretentious & rustic.

Everything on our menu is homemade using quality ingredients with the intention to awe your senses and transport you on a journey of undiscovered, delectable flavours.

What could match our brand value more than actually distilling our own spirit?

This is a journey we started in December thanks to our Bar Manager who used to work at a gin distillery. Needless to say, he knows what he is doing.  We got a 2.7LT potstill in house and started playing around with flavour combinations for our own gin. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to flavours.

The first Gin we launched showcases juniper, orange, cinnamon and star anis as the main profile. Twelve more ingredients are used to make this contemporary style Gin.

We are currently busy developing more Gins of our own collection with different flavour profiles.
Stay tuned and in the meanwhile, we invite you to come and try our very first Homespun Gin!

Homespun by Matt

Homespun by Matt

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Homespun was intentionally designed to take you away from the stress of the outside world. We offer a unique adaptation of European cooking methods, influenced by Asian, local and worldly flavours....