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Top Accolades all round - Award Winning Wines from Benguela Cove

24 November 2023

Platter’s 2024 South African Guide

Platter’s 2024 Guide: Benguela Cove shines with two 5-star accolades and an impressive eleven 4.5 star.
Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate has proudly earned two prestigious 5-star accolades and an impressive eleven 4.5-star ratings in the esteemed Platter’s 2024 South African Wine Guide. Our commitment to crafting top-quality wines is reflected in this remarkable achievement.

Highlights from Platter's 2023 Ceremony:
Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate has earned further recognition in Platter’s by Diners Club South African Wine Guide 2024, receiving two 5-star awards and eleven 4.5-star awards. The boutique Hermanus winery near Cape Town shone in the 44th edition of the authoritative guide featuring over 900 producers and 8,000 locally produced wines.

Benguela Cove's Outstanding Achievements in Platter’s 2024:

1. Catalina Semillon 2021 (5 Stars)
Only in its third release, this single vineyard Semillon has captivated wine enthusiasts worldwide. Reflecting purity of fruit and exceptional longevity, it is crafted from a 0.9-hectare vineyard that consistently excels.

2. Vinography Petit Verdot 2021 (5 Stars)
This wine's power lies in its elegant profile, offering delicate nuances characteristic of a sophisticated red. A montage of dark fruit, a gentle perfume of incense, and hints of dark chocolate define its uniqueness.

3. Vinography Chardonnay
Take a journey through cool climate finesse with a spectacle of citrus and tropical fruit. As the wine warms up, nuances of ginger, hazelnut, lemon-curd, loquat, and lemon verbena come to the fore.

4. Vinography Sauvignon Blanc
Fruit takes the spotlight, complemented by smart oak usage framing its beauty. The 500L French oak barrels with Acacia heads add a unique bohemian twist.

5. Vinography Cabernet Sauvignon
Ripe red fruits on the nose, coupled with sweet notes of violets, dried vanilla pods, and layers of complexity, define this elegant wine.

6. Benguela Cove Collage
A blend of masculinity and vivid violets, offering rich aromas of cherry, raspberry, and fynbos, wrapped in cool nuances of cigar leaves, pencil shavings, and dried herbs.

7. Benguela Cove Cabernet Sauvignon
Swirl to evoke concentrated aromas of subtle dark fruit, sour plums, violets, sweet leather, and cool nuances of fynbos and strawberry jam.

8. Benguela Cove Syrah
Craft your online story with the unique notes of this wine, inviting you to explore its depth and richness.

9. Benguela Cove Pinot Noir
A true impression of the vintage, packed with layers of fruit and intricate flavor nuances that beckon you back for more.

10. Benguela Cove Sauvignon Blanc
A nostalgic journey with preserved green figs, joined by grapefruit, gunflint, sweet tropical fruit, and lemon candy notes.

11. Benguela Cove Chardonnay
Sumptuous aroma, green-gold in color, with flint, peach, melon, and nougat, balanced by fresh acidity, gentle creaminess, citrus zest, and a toasty finish.

12. Benguela Cove Joie De Vivre
Capturing the class and finesse of traditional sparkling wines, with inviting aromas of nougat, shortbread biscuit, citrus, almonds, and grapefruit.

13. Benguela Cove Noble Late
Intense greeny straw colour evolving over time, delivering heady notes of pineapple, orange peel, grapefruit, dried peaches, honey, raisin, and rose oil.

Cellar-master Johann Fourie's Insight:
Receiving 4.5 stars or more for all 13 entries is a significant accomplishment for our family-owned vineyard in just six years since building our winery. We prioritize site-specific wines showcasing Benguela Cove's unique terroir and distinctive wine style. Our diverse slopes, soils, and exposure to prevailing winds bring out the best in each varietal, while our special location on the Atlantic Ocean edge lends a distinctive character to our wines.


Veritas Wine Awards
Benguela Cove was awarded both the Best Producer and Vertex Trophy for Best Wine awards.
Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate is proud to announce its outstanding success at the prestigious Veritas Wine Awards 2023, South Africa's premier wine competition. The estate clinched the coveted Duimpie Bayly Veritas Vertex Award for the overall champion wine, a remarkable achievement. Additionally, Benguela Cove received the Best Achiever award, along with an impressive collection of Double Gold and Gold medals.

The Vertex Award was presented to Benguela Cove's talented cellarmaster, Johann Fourie, and his team, in recognition of their exceptional 2019 Benguela Cove Joie de Vivre Cap Classique. This marks only the second time that a Cap Classique has achieved the highest honour in this competition's history.

In addition to the Vertex trophy, Benguela Cove secured the Best Achiever title in the category for estates with ten wines or fewer. The estate also garnered three Double Gold medals and two Gold medals for the Joie de Vivre Cap Classique and the 2020 and 2022 Benguela Cove Vinography Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Veritas Awards, often referred to as the 'Oscars' of the South African wine industry, involved the blind evaluation of over 1,200 entries by a panel of industry experts. The 33rd annual awards ceremony was celebrated in October at a gala dinner in Cape Town.

Situated alongside the scenic Bot River Lagoon near Hermanus, Benguela Cove combines a picturesque location with a dedication to crafting premium cool climate wines. The estate benefits from refreshing maritime breezes directly off the Atlantic Ocean.

In the winery, Cellarmaster Johann Fourie expertly blends traditional and modern winemaking techniques to produce approximately 350,000 bottles annually across diverse wine ranges. The estate exclusively uses grapes from its sustainably farmed vineyards, processing them on-site in a state-of-the-art 400-ton winery.

Johann Fourie's craftsmanship reflects Benguela Cove's unique terroir. The estate's diverse slopes, soils, and exposure to ocean winds enable Fourie to bring out the best expression from each grape variety.


Amorim Cap Classique Challenge 
Benguela Cove Brut Shines with Gold Medal at Amorim Cap Classique Challenge
Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate has secured another gold medal for its Joie de Vivre 2019 Brut Méthode Cap Classique at the esteemed Amorim Cap Classique Challenge. This marks the third consecutive gold win since the debut of Benguela Cove's Cap Classique in 2020, firmly establishing its reputation for exceptional quality and consistency.

Situated in the Walker Bay wine region, Benguela Cove has swiftly become renowned for its world-class Cap Classique. Crafted by Winemaker Michelle Waldeck and the Hermanus wine farm team, the Joie de Vivre is created using 100% estate grapes grown in the unique terroir near the Atlantic Ocean. This distinctive location nurtures the grapes, imparting the wine with a unique coastal character.

Michelle Waldeck describes it as "a celebration of the balance between Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from a cooler climate, a classic Méthode Cap Classique that fulfills the promise of a fresh yet intricate wine. Made in a delicate style, it showcases a perfect balance between primary fruit and the complexity gained from maturation."


Tim Atkin
Benguela Cove Wines Shine in Tim Atkin MW South Africa 2023 Report
Benguela Cove Wine Estate excelled in Tim Atkin's 11th annual South Africa Special Report, released on September 5th, 2023. The Walker Bay winery achieved notable success, winning the Cellar Door Experience of the Year award for 2022, and impressively, all seven wines presented received scores of 90+ for the third consecutive year, reflecting their exceptional quality and consistency. Tim Atkin, a globally recognized Master of Wine, reviewed 2,205 wines from 419 wineries for this year's report.

Here's what Tim Atkin had to say about some of our wines:
2021 Benguela Cove Catalina Semillon, 95 points: "Catalina, often the best white in the Benguela Cove range, is focused, herbal, and intensely perfumed, with cream, citrus zest, and lanolin flavours."

2022 Benguela Cove Vinography Sauvignon Blanc, 94 points: "Vinography is an appealing barrel-fermented, lees-aged Sauvignon Blanc with passion fruit and grapefruit flavours complemented by baking spice top notes and an alluring sea breeze touch."

2022 Benguela Cove Sauvignon Blanc, 93 points: "A cuvée with well-handled 25% new oak, lemongrass, cream soda, and pink grapefruit flavours with a salty finish."

2021 Benguela Cove Syrah, 93 points: "A spicy, meaty, and herbal wine with aromas of sage, tarragon, and white pepper, and a sappy, tangy plum, tapenade, and stony palate."

2022 Benguela Cove Vinography Chardonnay, 93 points: "An appealingly perfumed Chardonnay with citrus peel, cinnamon, and jasmine aromas and a palate supported by focused acidity."
2021 Benguela Cove Collage, 92 points: "Johann Fourie's Bordeaux-style blend with blackcurrant leaf, damson flavours, and toasty coffee bean new oak, reflecting its site."

2019 Benguela Cove Joie de Vivre MCC, 92 points: "An enticing sparkling cuvée of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with toasty, focused, and chiselled qualities, offering brioche, citrus, and pistachio flavours
This recognition underscores our commitment to producing exceptional wines at Benguela Cove Wine Estate.


Michelangelo Awards 2023
Benguela Cove's Triumph at the 27th Michelangelo Awards

At the 27th Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards, Benguela Cove Wine Estate showcased its excellence, earning Double Gold and Gold medals for its exceptional wines.
The Michelangelo Wine & Spirits Competition stands as Africa's foremost wine and spirits event, known for its international appeal, with judges from five continents and 263 judges from 47 countries over the years. It employs an international 100-point OIV judging system.

Johann Fourie, the cellar master at Benguela Cove, expressed his satisfaction with their recent accomplishments, especially with the Vinography Chardonnay and Vinography Petit Verdot. The Double Gold awards for Vinography Chardonnay 2022 and Vinography Petit Verdot 2021 reaffirm Benguela Cove's unwavering commitment to quality across their wine selections.

Gold Award winners at Michelangelo must score at least 89 out of 100 points, and they include Vinography Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Benguela Cove Estate Pinot Noir 2022, and Lighthouse Collection Moody Lagoon 2021.

Each of these wines presents unique flavours, from the vibrant tropical notes in the Sauvignon Blanc to the velvety finish of the Pinot Noir and the dynamic character of the Moody Lagoon.

Vinography Chardonnay 2022 – Double Gold Winner: This wine embodies elegance, with a delicate balance that showcases fruit, acidity, and a beautiful, lingering length on the palate.

Vinography Petit Verdot 2021 - Double Gold Award: The wine's power lies in its elegance and delicate nuances, featuring dark fruit with hints of incense, roses, and dark chocolate.

Vinography Sauvignon Blanc 2022 - Gold Award: With luscious aromas of guava, lemon, and more, it offers a refined chalky texture, fruit weight, and a flinty character.

Benguela Cove Estate Pinot Noir 2022 - Gold Award: Expect a bold yet refined wine with umami character, Turkish delight, and baking spice, balanced with soft, creamy tannins.

Lighthouse Collection Moody Lagoon 2021 - Gold Award: A balanced blend of dark fruit and wild cherries, with notes of cedar and herbs, make this wine versatile for pairing with various dishes.

Johann Fourie, the cellar master and Diners Club Winemaker of the Year 2015, adds his discipline and passion to craft wines that capture the essence of the Walker Bay region and delight wine enthusiasts, creating a legacy for Benguela Cove.


Gold Wine Awards 2023
Benguela Cove's Double Success at 2023 Gold Wine Awards
Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate has achieved a remarkable feat at the 2023 Gold Wine Awards in South Africa. Their Lighthouse Collection for the 2023 vintages secured the 'Excellent Value' distinction in both the Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc categories.

The Lighthouse Collection was crafted to offer the special qualities of cool-climate wines in a more approachable and youthful manner. In homage to the captivating yet perilous Cape coast, a lighthouse was erected at the Benguela Cove winery, overlooking the vineyards, Bot River lagoon, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Harvested from ocean-facing slopes in the cool morning air, the wines are fruit-driven and fresh.
The Gold Wine Awards is renowned for its distinguished panel of wine experts who rigorously evaluate wines priced at R150 or below, emphasizing the value they offer.

Lighthouse Collection Rosé: These wines embody the essence of Provence-style rosé with balance and class, while retaining cool-climate elegance and freshness.

Lighthouse Collection Sauvignon Blanc: Continuing the tradition, this popular wine is bone-dry with citrus-like acidity, bridging the Old World with the vibrancy of its origin.


Pinot Noir Awards
Benguela Cove Earns Medal of Excellence at Mosaic Top 5 Pinot Noir Awards
Benguela Cove Estate's 2022 Pinot Noir has secured a prestigious Medal of Excellence 90+ Award at the Mosaic Top 5 Pinot Noir Wine Awards, recognizing it as one of the top-rated Pinot Noirs with a score of 90 points or above.

Nestled by the Bot River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, Benguela Cove enjoys a prime location for cultivating exceptional Pinot Noir. The estate's cool climate and coastal influence yield grapes that produce nuanced wines. The 2022 vintage demonstrated this superior terroir, earning one of the competition's highest honours.

Johann Fourie, Head Winemaker, expressed his excitement about the award, noting their dedication to quality.

Benguela Cove's reputation for crafting elegant cool climate wines is further validated by its recognition among the Mosaic Top 5. Their Pinot Noir, a true representation of Walker Bay's cool climate, captivates the palate with elegance.

About Benguela Cove
Located in Walker Bay, Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate produces premium cool climate wines. With 175 hectares of vines, under the direction of winemaker Johann Fourie, they highlight the property's distinctive terroir. The estate offers daily tastings and dining at an on-site restaurant with stunning lagoon views.

Mosaic Top 5 Pinot Noir Wine Awards
Established by South African Pinot Noir enthusiasts and backed by the Mosaic Family Office, these awards honour the complexities of crafting wine from this notoriously challenging grape. The goal of the Mosaic Top 5 Trust is to showcase South Africa's finest Pinot Noirs, emphasizing the region's unique characteristics and quality on the global stage. Benguela Cove's recognition highlights its reputation for producing elegant cool climate wines.


Terroir Wine Awards
Benguela Cove Wins National Recognition at 2023 SA Terroir Awards
Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate celebrates a double victory at the prestigious 2023 Terroir Wine Awards in South Africa. The estate was named the National Winner in two wine categories, Semillon and Noble Late Harvest, for its Benguela Cove Catalina Semillon 2020 and Benguela Cove Noble Late Harvest 2020 vintages.

Established in 2004, the Terroir Wine Awards focus on wines that authentically express their origin. This annual competition spotlights terroir and acknowledges wines that best showcase the natural environment where the grapes are grown. Only wines certified as Wine of Origin (WO) from a Single Vineyard, Estate, Ward, or District are eligible for entry.

Benguela Cove exclusively produces Noble Late Harvest in select years when ideal conditions during the ripening season maximize the occurrence of botrytis cinerea, or Noble rot. According to winemaker Johann Fourie, "The Terroir Awards highlight single-origin wines, aligning perfectly with Benguela Cove's 100% estate-grown philosophy. These awards underscore our commitment to crafting site-specific wines that showcase our terroir."

Benguela Cove's previous National Winners at the Terroir Awards include:

  • Catalina Semillon 2018 (2020)
  • Cap Classique 2017 (2021)
  • Estate Malbec 2019 (2021)
  • Catalina 2019 (2022), also earning the Trophy for the highest scoring single vineyard wine
  • Catalina 2020 (2023)
  • Noble Late Harvest 2020 (2023)
Moody Lagoon at Benguela Cove

Moody Lagoon at Benguela Cove

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Moody Lagoon at Benguela Cove is set in the heart of the Benguela Cove winery complex.   The restaurant is in an elevated setting with expansive views of the lagoon and the Atlantic ocean...