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Taste the Energy - New Menu at Creation Wines!

08 March 2024

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the Reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics. – Albert Einstein

The trendsetting Creation team has done it again: launching a brand-new menu that sparkles with innovation, beams with wholesome goodness and … buzzes with energy. Titled ‘Cultivating Creation Energy’, the menu is a celebration of the 2024 Creation harvest, says Creation Creative Director, Carolyn Martin. “We want to share all the good energy that has gone into raising our vines, cultivating our grapes, making our wines, and pairing them with the finest produce from our region.”

To do so, the intriguingly interactive menu includes sensorial elements drawn from nature, allowing the guests to ‘tune in’ and engage with the positive energy. An example is the generous ‘Welcome’ course. It comprises vine cups made from the imprint of a Creation vine leaf and filled with a booster containing, among others, coconut yoghurt, green pepper, lime, basil, avocado and roasted pine nuts. Not only healthy but also scrumptiously delicious served with the Creation Sauvignon Blanc. “The crisp minerality of the wine forms an ideal base to offset the fresh ingredients in the booster. The fruity tones in the wine mingle happily with the lively flavours, making this a hearty and tempting aperitif,” Carolyn explains.

The five-course menu, each course paired with an award-winning Creation wine, is designed for flexitarians.  Although 80% of the menu is plant based, it also features local fish and meat from sustainable sources.

Chapter 1 of the multi-faceted experience offers Japanese inspired agedashi tofu, vegan dashi and crispy ginger. Paired with the vivacious Creation Viognier with its flavour profile of white peaches and cream, this plant-based dish truly pampers the palate. The creamy texture of the wine and the silken tofu are a match made in heaven, and then the high notes of the crispy ginger add frisson and joie de vivre.  Always focusing on Wine and Wellness, pairing guru Carolyn calls ginger “a miracle worker . . . from respiratory problems to heartburn!”

Chapter 2 brings flavoursome steamed fish with turmeric, rice vermicelli and dill to the table. Fish lovers, delight! You can even trace the story of the responsibly sourced ABALOBI fish by scanning the QR code to discover where it is caught, and by whom. The plant-based option is a scrumptious cauliflower with mustard velouté and dukkah dish, attractively presented with a fuchsia flower. The vibrant, single-vineyard Creation Reserve Chardonnay has the energy and elegance to enhance the flavour intensity of both these dishes.

Chapter 3 tempts with a feast of succulent duck breast, edamame hummus, fennel salad, confit pickling onion, watercress, micro coriander and gremolata. For the plant-based option, mung beans and quinoa kitchari replace the duck. And guess the pairing? None other than our gorgeously textured ‘Red Velvet’, the Reserve Pinot Noir. Adding luxury to the spread, the wine is lower in tannins to beautifully balance, but not overwhelm the food.

Next on the versatile menu is the culinary team’s bone marrow and bone marrow broth served with seed loaf, capers and thyme. Instead of the bone marrow, vegans can delight in the zucchini marrow, sundried tomato plant-based cream cheese and dill broth. What better wine to heighten the enjoyment than the umami-rich Creation Syrah, Grenache with its intense flavours of ripe plum, black pepper and tapenade?

And suddenly, it’s dessert time! Imagine a treat of MCC-infused custard, num-num and raspberry gel, lemon verbena, fig, almond crumble, almond sablé and honeycomb tuile … We eat with our eyes, and this dish creates a sense of well-being by just enjoying its appearance, before even tasting the beautiful flavours and textures. Gluten and lactose-free, the delicate dessert is served with the Elation Brut Nature – pure joy!

In summing up the new menu, Carolyn says: “Resonance is one of our key values at Creation. It happens when the frequency of our own energy vibrations matches those of the person or people with whom we’re communicating. We regard our Tasting Room as a communication hub with our team listening to, and learning from our guests every day. I believe our new interactive menu will not only stimulate further dialogue but actively cultivate positive energy to the benefit of all.”

The 5-course Cultivating Creation Energy Menu can be enjoyed at between R1185.00 and R1395.00 per person. It is advisable to book at, Tel: +27 28 212 1107 and specify your dietary requirements.

Creation also offers an À la Carte Menu comprising a delectable selection of savoury and sweet dishes. In addition, delicious, nutritious Breakfast and Kids Menus are served.


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Creation Wines

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