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Sauvignon Blanc SA Launches November Technical Vlogs

15 November 2020

Sauvignon Blanc SA is to present a series of technical vlogs (video blogs) by experts over four days in November. The association decided to add vlogs to their popular monthly technical blogs to replace this year’s annual technical seminar.

Anyone interested in technical knowledge can watch and learn from these four informative vlogs by experts in various fields:

  • On Monday 23 November, Dr. Jeanne Brand of the Department of Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University, will explain a dynamic sensory technique that could be used to distinguish premium and ultra-premium Sauvignon blanc wines.
  • On Tuesday 24 November, Lida Malandra, General Manager of Enartis SA, will share information about the revolutionary product from Enartis, Nutriferm X, that is bringing power to thiol production.
  • On Wednesday 25 November, Matija Lescovi, Oenology PhD Candidate at Department of Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University, will share recommendations from a recent study about copper additions to remove stinky odours.
  • On Thursday 26 November, Dr Carien Coetzee of Basic Wine and Sauvignon Blanc SA, will discuss the 2020 Sauvignon Blanc SA Top 10 wines, giving an overview of the core elements (viticulture, winemaking, chemistry and sensory) that created these award-winning wines.

The four vlogs will launch at 10:00 daily on the Sauvignon Blanc SA website at and will also be available for viewing at no cost afterwards. A 40-page technical booklet, developed in collaboration with Winetech will also be available online.

For more information or to become a member, e-mail or call 021 975 4440. Join the online conversation about #SauvignonBlancSA and follow Sauvignon Blanc SA on Twitter @SauvignonSA and on Facebook and Instagram as @sauvignonblancsa.