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La Liste Shines a Spotlight on African Food

06 September 2021

La Liste is shining a spotlight on African food at the Garden Party in Paris on Monday 6 September. Of course this is not a single cuisine, just as Africa is not a country, but a cornucopia of cuisines spanning an entire continent with rich and varied biodiversity. This region offers a wide range of ingredients, flavours, and techniques which remain relatively unknown to many outside Africa or African heritage. La Liste is excited to dig in and learn more, especially from the featured chefs cooking at the event: Chef Anto, Mory Sacko, Mohamed Cheikh, Najat Kaanache, Elis Bond, Selassie Atadika, and Jan Hendrik Van Der Westhuizen.

The question is: will African cuisine be the next global culinary revolution? We think so.

Photo credits: Pascal Ito, Hanru Marais, Aline Princet, ideat magazine Mi-Kwabo, Céile Rosenstrauch

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