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Gold for Babylonstoren Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend at the 2020 SA Olive Awards

04 September 2020

We’re delighted that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend Has just won gold at the 2020 SA Olive Awards.  the excellent quality of this year's olive harvest makes this feat even sweeter.

This year's olive harvest was a record-breaking one on the farm.  In fact, 234 tonnes of olives made their way to the olive presses to produce close to 36 000 litres of olive oil.  Each olive is picked by hand and selected for its superior quality in the production of our cold-extracted oils.

Consisting of five Italian varieties (Leccino, Don Carlo, Coratina, Mission and FS-17), all grown on the slopes of the Simonsberg right here on the farm, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend ranges from green and leafy to mellow gold in colour.  The oil’s fruit, herbaceous, peppery notes are balanced with subtle florals.  Take a sip and feel the silkiness on your tongue – the nectar of the gods.

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