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Glenda's Restaurant launches Bocodillo Pop-Up Tapas Bar - Hyde Park, Johannesburg

11 October 2022

Glenda’s Restaurant is running a pop-up tapas bar called Bocodillo on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 16:00 to 20:00 during October, November and December in the courtyard at Glenda’s Restaurant – Hyde Square. 

Pop in for a drink and a pre-dinner nibble at the best time of day in summer.  A beautiful Spanish menu is on offer!

Glenda's Seasonal Restaurant

Glenda's Seasonal Restaurant

Hyde Park, Gauteng Bakery / Patisserie, Breakfast, Cocktails, Contemporary, Health, Light Meals, Vegetarian

Glenda’s focus is on seasonal flavours with a constantly changing menu. We have planted a nursery in our courtyard where herbs and salad leaves are plucked for the dishes. We cater for al...