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Beluga serves over 4000KGs of jelly beans to our guests every year!

11 September 2019

Beluga began its journey in 2000 and since then has become one of Cape Town's most beloved restaurants.

Best known for our sumptuous sushi, classic cocktails, wonderful wines, worldly whiskies, delicious dim sum, delectable desserts, fabulous food and of course, our trademark "jelly beans".

The question begs though, why the jelly bean?

Let's start off with some fun facts:

The origin of the jelly bean seems to be a debate on the internet, some say it was David Klein who revolutionized the candy industry in 1976 when he created the jelly bean and others would disagree that the origin is unknown as it was given to soldiers during the American Civil War in the 1800's.

Regardless, jelly beans are one of the most popular candy sold worldwide.

Ronald Reagan was a "die hard" fan of jelly beans.

He always had a jar of jelly beans on his desk at the Oval Office and he even sent jelly beans to the Challenger Shuttle in 1983 as a treat for the astronauts. It is said that he even created the blueberry flavoured jelly bean.

Enough jelly beans were eaten in the last year to circle the Earth five times.

It takes 7 - 14 days to make one jelly bean.

To create the hard outer shell of a jelly bean and keep its gooey inside is a process called "panning".

Beluga serves over 4000KGs of jelly beans
to our guests every year!

What the jelly bean means to Beluga is this:

A sweet and simple gift that serves as a profound "thank you" to our guests, a cursory experience that we hope leaves a distinguishable taste that lingers as a long lasting memory.

As a jelly bean takes a long time to be made so too is Beluga a place where preparation, planning and patience are at the forefront of how we keep the vibe alive and have done so for many years.

As a jelly bean is sensual in all their flavours, so too is the incredible cuisine served at Beluga.

And just like Ronald Reagan is a "die hard" fan for jelly beans, as is Beluga a "die hard" fan of our patrons.

Here is to many more years of Beluga living to serve you and to many more jelly beans!



Beluga Restaurant

Beluga Restaurant

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Guests can look forward to enjoying vibrant views of the Cape Town Cruise Terminal harbour from our balcony. Our restaurant includes a refined whisky bar, wine-tasting section, sushi conveyer belt,...