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What's up at Gibson's Gourmet Burgers & Ribs at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

29 May 2015


Introducing Roll’s Royce Burgers, Red-Hot Dogs, 40 Decadently-Divine Gourmet Shakes, To-Die-For Belgian Beer Waffles and Fabulous Monday and Wednesday Specials.

A few years ago, the Slick Restaurant Group, owners of the award-winning Belthazar and Balducci’s Restaurants, embarked on a quest to create the ‘Best Burger’, visiting the top burger joints in Chicago, New York and Las Vegas, and working with their Master Butcher at Belthazar. The result was ‘The Ultimate Burger’, proudly showcased at Gibson’s Gourmet Burgers and Ribs at the V&A Waterfront.

Made from grainfed beef, these juicy 200g burgers are firstly flame-grilled to perfection with lashings of their best-kept-secret basting, and then lovingly placed on a fresh, homebaked, lightly-toasted sesame-seed bun, crowned with shredded lettuce, sun-ripened tomatoes, caramelised onions, Collette's famous deli-pickled cucumber and, finally, drizzled with their No 6 Creamy Sauce. All this deliciousness is served with a choice of thick-cut fries (potato, sweet potato or half-and-half), and spiced-up with a sprinkling of their addictive seasoning salt. And to spruce up the spread, delectable chicken and vegetarian burgers are on offer as well as ten sensational Designer Burgers.

This incredible line-up of Gourmet Burgers is complemented with Export Quality Beef, Pork and Lamb Spare Ribs and A-Grade Wet-or-Dry-Aged Grainfed Beef, supplied by Belthazar’s Master Butcher, as well as scrumptious chicken and seafood dishes, decadent desserts, craft beers and a superb selection of premium wines, all to be enjoyed at this cool and trendy joint where the ambience is super-chilled and the service slick.

The Slick Restaurant Group is passionate about food and what they do and their culinary crusade for excitement, innovation and excellence is unstoppable. Gibson’s has done it again, whipping up fabulous new fare, including a selection of Roll’s Royce Burgers, Red-Hot Dogs, 40 Decadently-Divine Gourmet Shakes – handspun, double thick and available in the most awesome yummy flavours, and to-die-for Belgian Beer Waffles. And don’t miss the super–duper Monday and Wednesday Specials.


Monday Burger Special:  Get two Burgers (200g) for the price of one;
Wednesday Ribs Special:  Order Beef, Lamb or Pork Ribs and get a Burger for free;


New options to hit Gibson’s are the Roll’s Royce Burgers

  • Sunday Blues Brunch Burger – Big 4 Toppings: Gibson’s Burger served with deliciously melted cheddar cheese, fried egg, crispy bacon and lashings of their smokey bar-b-que sauce;
  • Governor’s Cheese and Bacon Burger – Big 4 Toppings: Gibson’s Burger smothered with their smokey bar-b-que sauce, topped with deliciously melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and sweet mustard;
  • Governor’s De-Luxe Burger – Big 4 Toppings: Gibson’s Burger doused with their smokey bar-b-que sauce, deliciously melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, guacamole and sweet mustard;
  • Upmarket Doll Burger - with Camembert and cranberry sauce;
  • The Ultimate Mex-Tex Burger – Big 6 Toppings: Gibson’s Burger crowned with deliciously melted cheddar cheese, Jalapeño and guacamole served with nachos, salsa and sour cream;


“Our ears are always to the ground and we constantly listen to our customers”, comments Michelle Page, Group Marketing Manager. “Our customers wanted a good hot dog! Now we have the best. Gibson’s Red-Hot Dogs will definitely be a winner!”

Every dog has its day at Gibson’s. Working in conjunction with South Africa’s very best German sausage makers, Gibson’s has done it again – with a champion choice of three Signature Red-Hot Dogs, served with either traditional sauerkraut or caramelised onions in a soft sour-dough-type freshly-baked bun:

  • Cabanossi – a spicy flavoured pork sausage;
  • Bratwurst – The King of German sausages;
  • Beef – the ultimate 100% pure beef at its very best;

Or you can jazz up your Dog with a wide choice of delectable toppings:

  • The Mex-Tex Dog - Big 6 Toppings: Cheddar cheese, Jalapeño and guacamole served with nachos, salsa and sour cream;
  • Governor’s De-Luxe Dog – Big 4 Toppings: Lashings of smokey bar-b-que sauce, deliciously melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, guacamole and sweet mustard;
  • Governor’s Dog – Big 3 Toppings: Lashings of smokey bar-b-que sauce, deliciously melted cheddar cheese and sweet mustard;
  • President’s Dog -  Big 3 Toppings: Lashings of chutney, Swiss cheese and guacamole;


Gibson’s done it yet again, introducing an unbeatable Gourmet Shake menu. Shakes are handspun and double thick and are available with ice-cream, yoghurt or half-and-half. For the past few months the Gibson’s team has been developing the most awesome yummy flavours to go gaga for. Latest flavours include: Cinnamon Doughnut, Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie, Peppermint Crisp, Brown Cow, Banana and Custard, Rocky Road, Caramel Fudge, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter and Crunchie, Kids Surprise, Salted Caramel, Summer Burst, Blueberry, Real Vanilla, Coffee Shake, Vanilla Chocolate Honey, Lindt Chocolate, Bar One, Real Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Black Cherry, Mocha, Lunch Bar, Frozen Berries, Rum and Raisin, Coconut Ice, Butterscotch, Cookies and Cream, Mango, Lemon Curd, English Toffee, Freezechino, Freezechino Chai and more ….

Prices range between R29 and R45. Upsize to a ‘lovers glass’ with two straws and add R10.

The good news is that for adults over the age of 18, Gibson’s can pump up the flavour experience by adding a variety of liqueurs like Kahlua, Amarula or Peppermint Liqueur to name just a few, or whisky for the connoisseurs.


Gibson’s real Belgian Beer waffles, served with maple syrup and cream or ice-cream are heavenly. Adorn your waffle with a choice of: Smarties, Flake, Bar One, Crunchie, Peppermint Crisp, Lunch Bar, Marshmallow, Fudge, Oreo, Nuts, Chocolate Sauce, Black Cherry, Blueberry or Butterscotch.


Gourmet Beef Burgers:
Choose from a wide selection of Gourmet Burgers, ranging between R70 and R95. According to renowned Weekend Argus food columnist, Bianca Coleman, these are “Freakin’ Awesome Burgers”.

Chicken Burgers:
Prices range between R75 and R115.

Vegetarian Burgers:
Choose from an Eastern Burger or a Giant Mushroom Burger for only R80.

Designer Burgers:
However, if you’re up for something a little more sophisticated, wrap your mouth around one of the ten sensational ‘Designer Burgers’, such as the Game Burger made from freshly-ground ostrich, the über-popular Mr Chutney Burger, Gibson’s signature Onion Blossom Burger or the Zola Zola Gorgonzola Burger.
Prices range between R80 and R120.

Highlights in the starter line-up are Gibson’s Famous Onion Blossom, their signature, awe-inspiring, seasoned-then-deep-fried giant onion accompanied by a piquant secret sauce, as well as the Peri-Peri Chicken Livers done the Gibson’s way by sautéing with onion, chilli, cream and a touch of brandy.

Export Quality Beef, Pork and Lamb Spare Ribs:
The crowd-pleasers amongst the reasonably-priced house specialities, according to one Gibson’s fan, are “definitely the to-die-for Export Quality signature Beef, Pork or Lamb Spare Ribs” - all smoked and marinated in a sweet bar-b-que sauce.

A-Grade Wet-or-Dry-Aged Grainfed Beef:
If you’re yearning for a juicy melt-in-your-mouth steak, look no further! The matured A-Grade Wet-or-Dry-Aged Grainfed Beef supplied by award-winning sister restaurant, Belthazar, is hung for three days and then the Fillet, Beef and Sirloin are wet-aged for a minimum of 28 days.

Seafood, Chicken and Salads:
Also on show are the sea-fresh grilled or fried calamari, pan-fried line-fish of the day, grilled chicken kebabs, marinated chicken wings and an innovative choice of garden-fresh salads.

Not to be outdone, the dessert menu is paradise with exquisite delights like Gibson’s Bar-One and Oreo Sundae, Gibson’s Peppermint Caramel Delight and more ….

Craft Beers, Gibson’s Premium Wines and Cocktails:
For the beer aficionado, Gibson’s has an assortment of slow-brewed artisanal beers prized from the hands of passionate micro-brewers, while wine connoisseurs will feel at home with the premium array of well-priced wines served by the glass or the bottle. For those wanting to start (or even finish) with Champagne, Cap Classique or an expertly crafted cocktail, there is a well-thought-out, vibrant selection of these too.

Surrounding all this is the stylish, relaxed, warm and elegant, yet informal décor accentuated by the mellow sounds of jazz in the background that will transport you back to New York in the 1940’s. On top of that, the friendly and impeccably dressed staff (in full aprons and nifty flat caps), the professional and efficient service, the generous servings, the reasonable prices, and the delicious food will certainly convert you into a raving Gibson’s fan.

Go to  for the full menu and if you want to stand a chance of winning a stack of Gibson’s, Belthazar or Balducci’s vouchers, try your hand at designing your own perfect burger. Need some inspiration? Watch this video of the perfect Gibson’s Burger being created at:

Gibson's Burgers

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At Gibson's Burgers in Cape Town the owners mission was to establish  ‘The Best Burger’ and travelled far and wide to visit the premier burger places in the World, including Chic...