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Umi – an exceptional new dining option

06 February 2014

  • Umi Restaurant

East recently embraced west when Umi Restaurant, a modern Japanese restaurant, opened below The Marly right on the trendy, Atlantic-seaboard beach front in chic Camps Bay. This is another Paul Kovensky- inspired eatery. Other restaurants in his Kove Collection include Paranga, Pepenero, Zenzero, The Bungalow, as well as 5 Rooms, la Belle and The Rose Bar and The Alphen Boutique Hotel.

Umi, with seating capacity for 250 guests, satisfies diners looking for tasty, healthy, in-house eating options. It also has a stylish 80-seater bar that overlooks an outside terrace. As well as tantalising cuisine, the restaurant boasts picturesque panoramic vistas across the ocean, complete with stunning sunsets. Patrons are seated at tables, lounges and booths. This creates an interesting and dynamic dining experience.

The look and feel of Umi fell on the capable shoulders of Gregor Bremer of Soda Design. Remarkable features include the lit Japanese papyrus-script bar top and the glowing armoire centre piece, featuring two massive yellow crystal chandeliers. The bar was designed to be the showpiece of the restaurant and a glamorous, social node. Walls, embossed with Japanese pattern work, encapsulate the restaurant which features custom-designed furniture, Japanese foliage and floating clouds of more than 50 solid glass pendant lights.

“UMI is a culmination of strong, contemporary design elements and a Japanese-inspired layering of juxtaposed textures and materials,” explains Bremer. “The interior is designed to be a cool, chic space, focusing on the comfort of the patrons and complementing the stunning views of Camps Bay Beach,” he adds.

Australian Chef, Scott Hallsworth, was commissioned to ensure the authenticity of the meals at UMI.  Hallsworth’s love affair with Asian cuisine began when he was asked to promote the Australian-owned Hayman Resorts in Singapore and Taiwan. After fine-tuning his skills, he worked at Nobu London and Nobu Melbourne as Head Chef for 7 years. Highly skilled in the art of Japanese cuisine and with a passion for pushing gastronomic boundaries, Hallsworth has a hands-on approach to all of his projects.

Umi is a new, contemporary dining experience with fashionable flamboyance that unlocked more than its doors in December 2013. It is the latest restaurant to join the renowned Kove Collection.

UMI Restaurant

UMI Restaurant

Camps Bay, Western Cape Cocktails, Fusion, Japanese, Sushi

Australian Chef, Scott Hallsworth, was commissioned to ensure the authenticity of the meals at UMI Restaurant in Camps Bay (Cape Town). Hallsworth’s love affair with Asian cuisine began when ...