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The Grillhouse griller who has turned more than a million steaks!

27 June 2013

Five minutes with Paulos Ntini – He can grill more than 50 steaks and burgers at a time, and staff say he’s unflappable in the kitchen, and ambidextrous too – managing to cook and flip with both hands. Here Paulos, head griller at The Grillhouse Rosebank, speaks about what makes the perfect steak, and who his favourite customer is.

How long have you worked at The Grillhouse?
20 years

What is your favourite drink?
Good ‘ol Coke!

What is your favourite meal at The Grillhouse?
A medium rump steak with mushroom sauce, with creamed spinach on the side.

What is your favourite Grillhouse dessert?
Ice cream and hot chocolate sauce

How many steaks do you think you’ve grilled in the last 20 years?
Wow – it’s almost impossible to know. (Management confirms it’s in the region of around 1.2 million!)

Who has been the most famous customer you’ve cooked for?
Robert Marawa (sports journalist and TV and radio presenter). He’s a fan of the meat and pork platters.

What is the hardest part of your job?
The heat in the kitchen – I don’t mind the pressure, but sometimes in summer it can get really hot over the grills.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Making customers happy, and seeing them come back.

How do you think a steak should be cooked?
In my opinion, medium is the best – steaks come out the juiciest.

What is the one thing you would never eat?
Prawns and calamari – they’re not my best!

What is the busiest time to work?
Over Christmas with all the parties and functions.

How do you handle the pressure?
(laughs) What pressure? I’m very calm in the kitchen, and we have a good system. Working in the kitchen is like driving a car – once you’ve been doing it for a while, it becomes “easy”.

Is your kitchen like what we see in shows or reality TV with lots of shouting?
Not at all! There’s no shouting or tempers in our kitchen.

What is the secret to your great steaks?
We only use quality matured steak, and we have a secret basting sauce. The basting is applied to the steaks about three times.

The Grillhouse - Rosebank

The Grillhouse - Rosebank

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The Grillhouse Rosebank is undoubtedly the most loved and well-established premier steakhouse in all of Johannesburg. Established as far back as 1995, The Grillhouse can be described as dining...