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Savoy Cabbage Reopened

20 June 2014


The walls of the kitchen pass come tumbling down to allow the new steam oven, the range and the fridges back in.
  • The Archbishop finds a new home at Savoy Cabbage.

After a 4 week break we reopened for dinner on the 18th June 2014. The chefs and staff arrived at work on Tuesday to find a repainted restaurant, a new bar and a revamped kitchen with new flooring and a brand new oven that cost more than my car! Every piece of equipment has been stripped down and serviced. The deliveries are pouring through the door and on Wednesday night we had the freshest food in town with every dish created on the day. Executive chef Peter Pankhurst is brimming with new menu ideas but old favourites will not be forgotten either.

We have also installed a wonderful piece of artwork in the shape of Archbishop Tutu swinging from a Chandelier. It is on loan from Richard Calland and formerly hung in the IDASA offices. The cameras are already clicking as he swings above the wine rack!

Lunga Maqwelane's Fund Update
Just briefly, for all of you who contributed to the fund for the late Lunga Maqwelane's family, I have great news. R42,500 has been invested for each child's educational needs and is being managed by a very reputable organisation, Fairheads, who specialise in such trusts. I am indebted to Bruce Cameron for his guidance. In addition Lunga's wife has also received a small lump sum. I am delighted to report that she seems to be doing well and is back at work and the family is coping very well under the circumstances. The generosity of our friends, customers, staff, ex staff and sheer strangers is staggering.

Savoy Cabbage Restaurant

Savoy Cabbage Restaurant

Cape Town Central, Western Cape Fine Dining, Game, International, Seafood, Vegetarian

Savoy Cabbage Restaurant in the heart of Cape Town, is enticingly modern, with a menu brimming with flavour served in a textured interior of glass, concrete, Table Mountain stone and brick. As ...