A Collection Of Restaurant, Food, Drink And Hospitality News From All Over South Africa suspends all billing in solidarity with our restaurants’ current situation!

23 March 2020 have suspended all billing in solidarity with our restaurants’ current situation.  By now everyone is aware of the Covid-19 virus, which has and will continue to have a large impact on the South African Restaurant Industry.  The timing could not be worse, preceding the winter season, however on a positive note, we do have some historical information on hand to guide us through the crisis and we do have faith that a treatment and/or vaccine will be available in the not too distant future.

The situation is fluid and everyone is doing the best they can under the circumstances, whether it be adjusting opening hours, implementing various safety systems, or temporarily closing.

We, at have taken a decision to not charge our listed restaurants until the situation improves.

Please keep an eye on our Social Media Channels for updates on how you can support our restaurant industry while staying safe and spend quality isolation time with the family instead of spending hours doing the kitchen grind!

Together we can!