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15 November 2017

“We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give” – Winston S. Churchill

Most parents will remember the joyous arrival of a new born, along with sleepless nights, apprehension and endless “to do lists”.  Those who have tended to children with special needs will resonate even more. 

Now, for one minute imagine …  Your everyday home with 6 babies, all under the age of 10 months, some with special needs, 36 Feeds a day, at least 36 nappy changes a day, doctors’ appointments, legal processes and NOT ONE OF THEM YOUR OWN! 

Meet Thinus and Barbara Campher of Hagar’s Choice – A Place of Safety for babies and children.   Their selfless work makes a difference on so many levels.

Thinus, Barbara and their three children take care of these babies and older foster children until the legal process has been completed and the children can be adopted into new homes.

The babies are not merely tended to on a “basic needs” level.  They are showered with love and care.  Each baby is provided with his/her own “memory box” with photos and memorabilia, to assist with a sense of belonging later in life. 

Barbara and Thinus have looked after and placed 65 children into new happy homes.

Like many smaller NPOs, funding is often a problem.  Barbara and Thinus run a small business selling well priced health food, supplements and beauty products, but with the current cost of living, it’s a stretch.  The government supplies a minimal amount of R27 per child, per day, which barely covers the cost of nappies.  Barbara and Thinus rely on friends, family and donations for the balance.

We would like to appeal to anyone who can help in even the smallest of ways to do so.  If you are a restaurant owner, or know anyone in the restaurants business, please point them in our direction to find out how they can benefit by assisting with donations to Hagar’s Choice.

You can get involved in the following ways:

  • Spread the word about the project (Follow Hagar’s Choice on Facebook and Share with your friends)
  • Donate all your second-hand items for auction
  • Contribute toward equipment, stationary and computers (The older children are home-schooled) Yes, they foster older children too!
  • Donate baby equipment eg: Nappies (Birth upwards and Prem), Tins of milk (Nan 2, Novalac Digest, Lactogen 1 - 1.8kg tins), Wet Wipes and Baby toiletries (You can also send milk and nappies via Takealot, Dischem or Baby Shops.  Contact us, or Hagar’s choice for a full list of requirements)
  • Support His Working Hands Health Products, because they help finance the babies needs
  • Surprise them with a meal (The days and nights are hectic)
  • Monthly donations via Zapper or by bank debit order
  • Arrange a fundraiser for Hagar’s Choice
  • Adopt:  If you are open to the idea of adopting an orphan baby you can visit Procare

Hagar’s Choice is a registered NPO (Number 164-105)

To read more about Thinus, Barbara and Hagar’s choice, follow them on the following channels:

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Banking details:
Hagar’s Choice Place of Safety for Babies & Children
NPO –164-105
Account: 62655006205
Branch Code: 250655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
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