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Primi fuels Red Cross Painting Volunteers

21 April 2017

For the past few months, Primi have been proud supporters of the ‘Let’s Paint Red Cross Hospital’ initiative, founded by Greg Bertish of The Little Optimist.  They have shown their support by providing pizzas for all the amazing volunteers of this great cause.

In April 2016, Greg Bertish sailed an 8-foot dinghy around the Cape of Storms. His 200 kilometre journey matched the 200 days he spent in hospital fighting life-threatening heart infections. It was the beginning of what has become a lifestyle of giving back.

Through his organisation, the Little Optimist, Bertish is putting good energy back into the world one initiative at a time. One such initiative aimed to repaint the iconic Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
Before work began, the old hospital entrance was tired, dirty and peeling – a disheartening sight for the thousands of sick children who enter there on a yearly basis. The front of the hospital had not been repainted in 10 to 15 years due to lack of funding. The money made available by the city is being spent on the life-saving equipment used in the hospital and its outer appearance has simply not been a priority.

“Often this hospital is the last bastion of hope for very sick kids and their parents. I needed to help it make a positive, optimistic and inspiring first impression. I needed to put smiles on their faces and into their hearts before they walked through the door. I know that this positivity and optimism helps in the whole healing process,” said Greg about the initiative.

The new red and white facade of the building has turned the building into a warm, welcoming place. For the past three months, vertically suspended painters and children painting patterns and sayings on the walls, have become a common sight.

How did it all start? Bertish put a post on social media in October last year asking for assistance with raising funds and painting the hospital. It went viral. Bertish then rallied the media, corporates and the people of Cape Town to get involved. That’s when PRIMI jumped in to do its part.
At the end of every hardworking day, PRIMI treated all the volunteers to delicious pizzas that were well received by a group of people who gave their time and resources so freely to pay it forward.

“To watch this initiative take shape, to see how sponsors got on board to assist and to watch how the building slowly but surely transformed into an inviting space, has been inspiring. To be able to provide the fuel that kept the volunteers going, was nothing short of an honour. The saying ‘work is love made visible,’ is epitomised by initiatives like these. Hats off to everyone who contributed,” said PRIMI Marketing Director Sean Holmes.

"Such a simple concept. But such a strong message. Together, we can do anything.
It’s been an honour to do our bit to make a difference. A huge thanks to everyone involved". 

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