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Meet Chef Roche, Head Chef at Homespun Blouberg!

28 January 2022

Chef Roche Rossouw, a graduate of The Hurst Campus started his career as an intern at the Cape Grace hotel. He went on to become kitchen and production manager for Cattle Baron.  Soon after, Roche took the position of Head Chef at La Parada on Bree in 2016, going on to take over as Executive Chef for La Parada and Tigers Milk. Roche went on to open up and conceptualize Iron Steak & Bar in 2019 and eventually found his new “home” at Homespun.

In May 2021, Chef Roche joined our team as Head Chef in Blouberg. He has been performing miracles in the kitchen ever since. One of those miracles appears on the menu “The Angus Tartare”. Chef Roche loves traditional cuisine and techniques and gets super excited to add his twist. The Angus tartare is a great example of his style, taking a traditional recipe and playing with several cooking methods to reveal a fun, flavourful, and not-so-traditional beef tartare. On the plate: curried apricot sphere, chimichurri, Wagyu beef powder, mustard emulsion and puffed beef tendons.

Chef Roche also has a great sense of humour, believes in being humble, sharing knowledge, and that it is all about the team.

Welcome Chef Roche Rossouw!  

Homespun by Matt

Homespun by Matt

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