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Kopano – A Local Gathering Like No Other

14 March 2018

On the 7th March, the Franschhoek Hospitality Academy & Learning Centre (PBO), joined by their Ambassadors Reuben Riffel, Margot Janse & Chris Erasmus, launched their trial for one of their initiatives, which will soon be known to many as “KOPANO”. The Academy opened their doors earlier this year, to offer an almost free education to 20 students from our surrounding disadvantaged communities with the main objective of giving them all a hopeful future filled with many more employment opportunities.

“It costs us R4000 per student per month which is why we needed to come up with a clever and different way to raise funds, while exposing our students to real-time training,” says Tarryn Corlett Co-Founder of the Academy.

Kopano – meaning “Gathering” in Sotho, has become the vehicle for the Academy to raise funds to help cover their operational costs, as well as a platform for their 20 students to gain hospitality training with regards to Kitchen Basics, Preparation, Cooking and Customer Service.

The Kopano Experience kicks off with a shuttle collection in town which transports you to a location within the Groendal Squatter Camp. You are met with a friendly gentleman named Athi, who takes you on a very interesting township tour, while describing his experience as a child growing up there. You walk through the streets and housing, learning all about the history of Franschhoek and our local community members ending off with a different and enjoyable stop at one of the shacks where guests were invited inside to sample “Umqombothi” – a traditional township brewed beer, served in a round tin and shared among everyone to take a “dip” (sipping straight out of the tin).

After the tour, guests are walked over to Bathos Place, where they are met with the Academy Staff, Students and JMP Foundation who welcome everyone with the sounds of traditional music, singing and drums. The students prepare the lunch while guests enjoy the entertainment and refreshments provided. The menu consisted of traditional South African dishes like Pap & Boschendal Wors, Chakalaka, fresh breads and so much more.

Kopano, is more than just a fundraising and training initiative. It’s about bringing people together, connecting communities, sharing life experiences and exposing us to the authentic South African township life. This project also supports local enterprises, NGO’s and community members while offering visitors to Franschhoek a truly wonderful and unique experience.

The Academy is set to launch Kopano to the public in March.

Visit their website or their Facebook page @FranschhoekHospitality to find out more information on how you can book your seat.

Tickets will only be sold online via their website and will not be available in any other way. This is one experience that should not be missed and the fact that you are assisting in developing the youth and supporting local communities, makes it that much more special.



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Kopano - (which means “Gathering” in Sotho) is a fundraising initiative that the Franschhoek Hospitality Academy have developed to help raise funds to cover our operating costs (which a...