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#HussarLove for NOAH – Look out for the NOAH Bag at Hussar Grill Countrywide!

06 April 2023

Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) is an organisation that ensures social pensioners have basic needs met, a sense of purpose and can contribute to their families and society.

One of the ways this is enabled is by receiving pre-loved clothing which is then sold at their two second-hand stores – providing employment and income for the pensioners. 

As a premier grill room, The Hussar Gill team are hopeful our guests will be generous in their donations, encouraged by our trustworthy Service Ambassadors. This collaboration with NOAH is a CSI initiative that affords us a great opportunity to help support a worthy cause. As we are all aware, brands that assist within communities are winning brands. A heart-warming way to further increase our very positive sentiment within the restaurant industry.

Please follow this link HERE to watch a short video about NOAH and click HERE to view their website. 

Every Hussar Grill restaurant is supporting the NOAH organisation, and we encourage our loyal guests to help make this collaboration a successful one. Simply bring your pre-loved clothing or shoes with you to The Hussar Grill and pop them in the bag provided.

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