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Gold Restaurant - One of Top 5 Contributors to StreetSmart South Africa

16 February 2020

Gold Restaurant in Cape Town were once again one of the top 5 contributors to Street Smart South Africa. 

StreetSmart SA is an organisation dedicated to helping South Africa’s most vulnerable children. Funds are raised by adding a voluntary R5 donation to each patron’s bill in StreetSmart partner establishments.

These donations are disbursed annually to beneficiary organisations involved in education, skills training and family reunification of vulnerable children.

For more information visit the Streetsmart SA website HERE

GOLD Restaurant

GOLD Restaurant

Cape Town Central, Western Cape African, Cape Malay, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Game, Halaal, Kosher, Moroccan, Mozambican, South African, Traditional, Vegan, Vegetarian

GOLD Restaurant is a vibrant Pan-African experience in the heart of Cape Town. We offer a night of opulent feasting with unique live entertainment in beautifully restored old warehouse. A typic...