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Glenda's Restaurant "G to Go" Delivery Service

02 May 2020

We’re overjoyed to announce that we are re-opening our doors for a “G’s TO GO”  Delivery service.

Order via Instagram & Facebook (Links HERE) or phone 0112686369.  We are also on Uber Eats and Orderin and have our own delivery vehicles.

We are taking extra safety precautions at all times.

Love, Glendas

Glenda's Seasonal Restaurant

Glenda's Seasonal Restaurant

Hyde Park, Gauteng Bakery / Patisserie, Breakfast, Cocktails, Contemporary, Health, Light Meals, Vegetarian

Glenda’s focus is on seasonal flavours with a constantly changing menu. We have planted a nursery in our courtyard where herbs and salad leaves are plucked for the dishes. We cater for al...