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Food Hygiene in the Hospitality & Food Industry: Prevention not Cure Conference

06 September 2016

Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, will be hosting a conference to address the challenges faced by the hospitality and food service industry regarding food hygiene on the 1st November 2016, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The increasing number of foodborne incidents has raised consumer awareness and applied pressure on a wide range of food businesses including restaurants, hotels, cafes, food courts and take-aways, to ensure food safety. A comprehensive food safety management system is therefore required that tests against all possible sources of contamination and provides full traceability when a food-borne illness occurs.

Intertek has developed a Food Hygiene Control Programme to help not only manage the risk of food related incidents but promote customer care through best practices. The Intertek Food Hygiene Control Programme is a global consistency standard for both domestic and international brands, providing consumers with a meaningful comparison, by an independent food safety official, to check food premises are compliant with food hygiene best practices.

This conference has been designed to focus on how the hospitality and food service industry can:

  • Promote food safety and quality
  • Pro-actively improve processes which will save you valuable time and resources
  • Have a recognisable logo to demonstrate your compliance with the highest standards
  • Reduce the risk for your business whilst protecting the consumer
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and your sanitary control plans
  • Safeguard your brand’s reputation
  • Demonstrate your due diligence in food safety
  • Strengthen your business and ultimately save you money

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn and network with the experts.

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