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Enjoy a moo-ving experience at Vergelegen’s Nguni Café - Somerset West

01 June 2023

Brace yourselves, burger enthusiasts, as a tantalising treat is about to take your taste buds on a wild adventure! Vergelegen wine estate in Somerset West has relaunched its famous Nguni Café pop-up, an extraordinary culinary experience in the great outdoors.

Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Hottentots Holland mountain range, this limited-time gem is  installed in a 400-hectare farm field. Guests can view the estate’s magnificent Nguni herd, numbering around 400 indigenous cattle, which graze freely on the green pastures adjacent to the pop-up.

“We’ve installed  a  glass conservatory, flanked with hay bales, and furnished it to enhance the Nguni theme. It’s a  welcoming  blend of country charm and modern flair,” says Vergelegen MD Wayne Coetzer. “It certainly promises to change the way you perceive the humble hamburger.”
This limited-time restaurant emphasises quality ingredients and excellent service. It’s designed to entice both seasoned burger aficionados, and families in search of a value-for-money meal in relaxed surroundings.

You can sink your teeth into juicy beef, chicken or vegetarian patties set in freshly baked buns, served with chips (R120). Dessert is a soft serve (R30), alternatively ice cream with a chocolate brownie (R60). Children aged 10 years and under can enjoy a kiddies’ burger and chips for R80.
Beer, wine, soft and hot drinks are available.

“Our pop-up restaurant offers more than just a meal in the great outdoors. It's a gathering place for friends, families and burger enthusiasts to come together, share stories, and create good memories,” says Coetzer.

The restaurant is open till end-July, Wednesdays to Sundays, 10h00-16h00, on a first come, first served basis (no bookings.) There is indoor seating for 30 people and  outdoor deck seating capacity for 70.

An added bonus is that calving season has started, so children can spot the Nguni calves among the adult cattle.

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