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Big News at Gate69

18 October 2021

Apoca-Lips! Extended!

Gate69’s brand new show, Apoca-Lips! has enjoyed an incredible few weeks at the Purple Palace, opening to rave reviews and continuing to wow audiences night after night. It’s being described as an audacious, controversial and thrilling theatrical experience that every South African should be experiencing. Unsurprisingly, we completely agree!

If you can believe it, we’re nearly halfway through October – time flies when you’re having fun (and also when you’re drunk) – and our closing date for this incredible production is around the corner. Thankfully, you thirsty bitches just can’t get enough, so we’re extending our run of Apoca-Lips! for a further two weeks.

Don’t be a typical Capetonian and wait until the very last moment – book your seats now to avoid disappointment!

Bookings are now open until the 12th of November.

Miss Mandy is back, and she is better than ever …

We were thrilled to welcome the doyenne of South African cabaret, Amanda Strydom to our theatre in 2020 where we, along with a privileged few, fan-girled hard during her one-night-only performance of her legendary one-woman cabaret, State of the Heart.

It’s was our most fervent wish to have her back with us on a regular basis, but that awful, meddling witch Corona got her claws stuck into us before we could make that happen.

Good things, as they say, come to those who wait… But we’re done waiting!
We are beyond thrilled to announce that the inimitable Amanda Strydom will be gracing the boards at Gate69 once again, this time in Amanda Strydom in Concert.

Miss Mandy brings her musical gems to the Purple Palace with her unique passion. Her self-penned and popular songs plus ballads, blues and chansons ranging from Piaf, Brell, Sting, Koos du Plessis, Bob Dylan and Bette Midler promises a show of light, joy and healing in these strange times. You will laugh, you will cry, you will leave with your heart singing.

She is accompanied by her brilliant pianist, Coenraad Rall.

Amanda Strydom in Concert runs at Gate69 from the 16th – the 20th of November 2021.

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels – unless it’s cheese!

We’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and get back to the good old days at The Purple Palace. We’ve always prided ourselves on giving you something to feast your eyes on all night, but we’ve missed giving you something to whet your appetite before our legendary shows begin.

We are, therefore, thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Gate69 and Chef’s Warehouse!

You can now enjoy a delectable Cheese and Charcuterie board from Local, or a mouth-watering Vegetarian platter from Pinchos, all at Gate69, available for pre-order on our website.

Ditch the liquid diet, girls. It’s so 1999.

They’re back!  Well, sort of ….

The Trolley Dollies™, your favourite First Class Flight attendants, are finally touching down in Johannesburg! Cape Town has been hogging these leggy ladies for long enough and they’re off to the City of Gold in search of love, laughter, single men and as many expletives as they can get their forked tongues around!

So, if you’re in Johannesburg (or you know anyone that is), you (or they) are in for a treat.

Gird your loins, however, because these bitches are not quite in their usual fine fettle; Cathy Specific and her sassy sidekicks, Holly and Molly have spent the last few months quarantined in their dressing room – purgatory for a drag, let’s be honest – and they’ve got a few things to say about it.

In The Trolley Dollies, A Musical, the girls take you behind the velvet curtain and into the proverbial dressing room with them, where they exchange the heels and wigs for trials and tribulations. It’s a backstage pass like no other, so hold onto your hats!

The Trolley Dollies, A Musical runs at the Lesedi at Joburg Theatre from the 16th to the 25th of November.

Call 0861 670 670 or visit to book now!

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