Addis in Cape Ethiopian Restaurant

  • Addis in Cape Ethiopian Restaurant Cape Town Central, Western Cape
  • African, Ethiopian, Health, Traditional, Vegan, Vegetarian
  • Dinner, Lunch
  • 41 Church Street
    Corner of Long & Church street
    Cape Town.

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Addis in Cape is a warm and wonderful Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of enchanting Cape Town

Enter the enticing world of Ethiopean culture when you step into Addis in Cape. This exclusive restaurant in the centre of Cape Town boasts a talented team of chefs, an esteemed coffee ceremony and a sumptuous dining affair. The décor is distinctly Ethiopian with its original works of art and furniture, it seems as if you have been whisked off into another country as you relax and enjoy the tastes of Ethiopia.

Addis in Cape, situated in an antiquated building on 41 Church Street overlooking Cape Town's well- known Long Street, is the ideal place for special occasions such as birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate functions and other group gatherings. Our restaurant can seat over 100 guests comfortably.

Addis in Cape allows patrons to discover the food of another African country in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. We are dedicated to bringing our guests the best dining experience in Cape Town.


Cuisine at Addis in Cape
Ethiopian cuisine is renowned for its delicious aromas and lavish use of herbs and spices. The country was historically located on trading routes that included the trade of many exotic spices. This background has set the stage for the tastes of Ethiopian food as we know it today. Many of the herbs and spices are blended and prepared in the home with great love and attention, as are those used in Addis in Cape. The dishes that we share with you are all from Ethiopia and prepared by two remarkable Ethiopian chefs.

Our presentation is breathtaking. Uniquely served in a magnificent woven basket-like table called a Mesob. The dishes you request are served together on a large plate, layered with a pancake-like sourdough base called Injera. Using your hands and Injera you scoop the various flavoursome stews and sauces. This stunning array of food is eaten in a communal celebration of life.

Our Must Try Meals!

  • Mushrooms Wot

    An Addis in Cape specialty, mushrooms simmered in a Berbere sauce is a rarity in everyday Ethiopian cooking. .

  • Tibs

    Juicy beef fillet stir fried with rosemary and onions and the delightful Kibe. A most fragrant and delicious meal.

  • Doro Alicha Wot

    Slow cooked chicken with freshly chopped garlic, ginger, onions and turmeric with a touch of Kibe for aroma and taste

  • Yebeg Alicha Wot

    Lamb sautéed and then slow cooked with chopped garlic, ginger, onions and turmeric until the meat is soft and buttery to the touch.

  • Key Sega Wot

    Beef cubes slowly cooked with Berbere, onion and other ingredients for a tender stew full of rich flavor


Group Capacity : 100+ People Cost Per Head : R150+

  • Cuisine : African, Ethiopian, Health, Traditional, Vegan, Vegetarian
  • Ambience : Authentic Culture, Relaxed, Traditional
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